Introducing LEO

The first-of-his-kind home improvement assistant

LEO: Pic2Quote’s AI-powered Home Improvement Assistant

Your New Home Project Assistant

Welcome LEO, your savvy, AI-powered partner, geared to transform your home improvement projects from challenging to child's play.

At HomeHelper.ai, we've engineered LEO with one key mission - to empower you with the knowledge to revamp your home like a pro. Our aim? To give everyone free and instant access to professional-grade advice for home improvements, right at their fingertips.

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So, how does it all come together? It's as easy as pie: all you have to do is: Snap a picture of the problem, Answer a few quick questions, and Voila! LEO morphs into your personal digital consultant, dissecting the issue, charting out solutions, and even crunching numbers to give you a cost estimate. It's like having a home-improvement superhero, always ready in your pocket!

Do you DIY?

Let LEO level up your skills.

Woman planning home project with P2Q

The prefect addition to any toolbox

LEO is here to help; here is a small list of SOME of the things he can do:

  1. Issue Identification: LEO can help identify home improvement issues based on the photos and information provided by homeowners.
  2. Cost Estimation: Our System can provide an estimated cost for the repair or improvement, giving homeowners a sense of what to expect before contacting professionals.
  3. Troubleshooting Guidance: With its AI capabilities, LEO can provide homeowners with step-by-step instructions to tackle minor repairs or maintenance tasks on their own.
  4. Professional Referrals: If a problem requires professional help, LEO can provide a list of local, licensed contractors suited for the job.
  5. Job Posting: P2Q can use the information provided to create a job posting, simplifying the process of finding professional help.
  6. Comparative Analysis: LEO can offer a comparison of solutions and their respective costs, enabling homeowners to make informed decisions.
  7. Record Keeping: Our Systems help homeowners track past and current home-related issues, creating a comprehensive history of their home's maintenance.
  8. Planning and Budgeting: Our Bot can assist in planning home improvement projects and help maintain budgets, preventing cost overruns.
  9. Preventive Tips: Based on the tracked history of home issues, He can provide preventive maintenance tips to homeowners to avoid future problems.
  10. 24/7 Availability: As an AI assistant, LEO is available round the clock, ready to assist homeowners whenever a home-related issue arises.

What If I Need Some Extra Muscle?

Don't sweat it, LEO’s got your back!

Using Pic2quote to call for reinforcements

Our savvy chatbot is home improvements' version of a personal shopping assistant. It takes your problem, and like a seasoned concierge, crafts a job post to attract local pros.

You will finally be able to find contractors for your project without breaking a sweat.

We've revolutionized home improvement shopping and trust us, you'll love it!

There's More in Store...

With LEO, you can easily store and track data related to past and current home issues and connect with pros ready to assist.

Kiss unreliable quotes goodbye!

With HomeHelper.ai, getting accurate prices from qualified pros is as easy as pie. No more nasty surprises of hidden costs, just peace of mind that comes from making informed decisions.

And Contractors, don’t fret! LEO is here to enhance, not replace. We're giving you a tool that makes identifying and cataloging issues easier. It also provides key talking points for your sales pitch. We are currently developing an integral sales software so that you can quote directly to customers using Our Platform.

HH's user-friendly interface makes the process smooth and efficient. With just a couple of taps, connect with reliable pros ready to deliver top-notch service.

So, sit back and let HomeHelper.ai simplify your home renovation journey - all the convenience, none of the hassle.

Become Knowledgeable, And Get Help From Professionals Today!

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